What is Facebook Jail

What is Facebook Jail and How Can You Stay Out Of It

Yes, Jails exist in the Facebook world too, and they are as scary as the real ones. With thousands of users joining daily, Facebook is growing rapidly. And, with a big audience comes big spam as well. Facebook fights this spam and keeps its platform safe by creating rules like Facebook Community Standards. If somebody fails to oblige with these rules then he/she has to face consequences: Facebook jail being one of them. Let’s see in detail what is Facebook jail and how you can be safe from it.

What is Facebook Jail

Facebook Jail is a user-made term for the limitation or ban imposed by Facebook for breaking the Facebook Community Standards. While in jail, you are temporarily banned or limited from performing some activities on Facebook like commenting and posting. Simply put: If you don’t follow the rules made by Facebook and abuse the platform then it’s going to get angry and punish you by throwing you in a virtual prison. It’s a fancy way of saying a ban. This ban takes your ability to connect with others. You are only limited to seeing and observing other’s content. It’s kind of like being in prison thus the name.

How to Stay Out Of Facebook Jail

Staying out of this virtual prison is no big deal. Just follow the Facebook community standards and you’ll be good to go. Question: What are the Facebook community standards? Well, here you go:
  1. Don’t send friend requests to anyone or everyone you come across.
  2. Don’t join many groups at once.
  3. Don’t like tons of pages at once.
  4. Don’t message tons of people at once.
Read all Facebook Community Standards here. All in all: don’t perform actions that make you look like a bot. If you follow these guidelines closely, you’ll be totally safe from Facebook’s wrath.
Facebook Community Standards
Facebook Community Standards Webpage
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Bottom Line

Facebook Jail is a way of limiting or banning users for not following rules and abusing the platform. It does so to make sure the platform remains safe and sound for everyone. The community standards set by the platforms are also easy to follow and you’ll not be in danger until you really go out of the way.

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