Why Can't I Comment on YouTube

Why Can’t I Comment on YouTube

We as humans love to put our thoughts out there, especially in the form of comments on social media websites like YouTube. Commenting under videos let us put our opinions on the internet and become part of something that is otherwise hard to do. And if you are not being able to do that lately and have been wondering  “why can’t I comment on Youtube,” this article will solve that for you. In this article, you’ll learn why you are not able to comment on YouTube and how you can fix it. Let’s get into it!

Why Can’t I Comment on YouTube?

You cannot comment on YouTube due to many reasons. It could be as simple as comments being offed to as complex as expired cookies in your browser. There is also a possibility of that you are blocked by the creator or from commenting on YouTube itself. Let’s dive deep and look into each one individually.

1. Comments Turned off By The Creator

If you are not able to post comments on a video, it simply means that the creator has switched off the comments. There is no way you can solve this unless the creator opens the comments again.

2. Blocked By The Creator

If you cannot comment on a specific individual channel’s video or your comment disappears when you do so, then this means that you are blocked by that creator. There is no solution to this as well except asking the creator to unblock you.

3. Blocked for Spamming

YouTube can also limit you from commenting if you spam on this platform. See, YouTube has strict policies when it comes to keeping the platform safe. That’s why the platform limits your ability to comment temporarily if you overuse it.

4. Keyword Filters

Some YouTubers use keyword filters in their YouTube channels. What these filters do is they block any comment containing that specific keyword. It would appear to you that your comment has been posted, but in reality, it didn’t. The way to get through this is to don’t use that word which triggers the filter.

5. Expired Cookies

When you log in to your YouTube account, your device creates a cookie. After some time, these cookies expire. And, when they do, you might need to log in again. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to use your account’s abilities, including the one to comment. So, re-logging or clearing the cache & history of your browser might solve this problem. Read AlsoWhy Is My YouTube Video Blurry

Bottom Line

YouTube is not just famous for videos but also its comments section. And, this article will help you if you are limited from posting comments underneath the videos. Try every method listed-above and let us know which one did the job for you.

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