How to See Who Unfriended You On Facebook

How to See Who Unfriended You On Facebook

It’s not like breaking up. Friends don’t tell you before unfriending you on Facebook. The other day I was sitting idle and going through my Facebook friendslist. It came to me that some people that were there aren’t now. It looks like they have unfriended me or may have even blocked me. I knew there is no Facebook feature to check this. That’s why I started digging and finding workarounds to this problem. And, fortunately, I found not only one but two. These workarounds help you see who were friends with you at once and later unfriended you on Facebook. Let’s dive right in!

How to See Who Unfriended You On Facebook

Facebook lets you know who sent you a friend request and who are you befriend with currently. But there is no feature for knowing who unfriended you and when. This is where this trick comes in. It helps you take a good guess at the people you have lost from your friendslist.

Trip Down the Memory Lane

You’ll never know who unfriended you until you go back to their profile and see if you can send them a friend request again. But it would take a lot of time. And you also don’t know who exactly was your friend once and now not. That’s where trick would help you. Here’s what you need to do: Scroll down to your old posts and click on the reactions. Your friends would appear with a ‘message’ button. And the non-friended ones would appear with the ‘Add Friend’ button. You can figure out from here who unfriended you and deleted you from their friend list.
Unfriend List
Facebook Reactions List
The people that have the ‘Add Friend’ button are the ones that aren’t your friend currently. So, if you remember that if they were once on your friendslist, then they have unfriended you. It’s not necessary that these all were your friends at some point. Some could be just passersby who stumbled on your post and ended up liking it. So, you would have to take this with a grain of salt.

Check the Facebook Records

You probably may know that Facebook keeps our records(more than it should). And you can also access those records. The best thing is that these records include data related to friends such as added Friends and removed friends. Here’s what you need to do: Go to the Activity log and click on Filter. Choose the ‘Added Friends’ option and click save changes. Now, the list of all the people who were your friends would appear. You can go to each profile and check if they are currently your friend or have unfriended you.
All Friends List
Facebook Activity Log
This trick is time taking, but it will surely get the work done for you. Read Also5 Quick Steps to See Filtered Messages on Facebook


There is no sure way to check this,h but we have done our part and compiled some workarounds. These workarounds would help you guess who were friends with you at one point and now not. Make sure you don’t confront them without proper research beforehand. Otherwise, things could go much worse than they already are.

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