Why Is My YouTube Video Blurry

Why Is My YouTube Video Blurry

YouTube videos at low quality are watchable but blurry – well, that cannot happen. So you’ve just uploaded a video. But when you are watching it, it appears as blurry. Well, now you are all scared and wondering “why is my YouTube video blurry.” If that’s the case and we have predicted rightly till now, then this is just the guide you need. In this article, you’ll learn why is your uploaded video not clear and how you can fix it. Let’s get started.

Why Is My Youtube Video Blurry

Your YouTube videos could be blurry due to many reasons. It could be that the video is still processing. Or maybe your internet connection isn’t stable enough. There is also a possibility that you are uploading the video in poor quality. Let’s dive deep and fix them one by one.

How To Fix It

Here are three ways you can solve this problem and impress your viewers with clear and HD videos.

1. Wait Some time

When you upload a video to YouTube, it runs at low quality at first. This is because the video has been uploaded totally, but YouTube is still processing its HD version. This processing time depends on the length and size of your recording. After the processing is done, you’ll see the HD version.

2. Record in Better Quality

There is also a possibility that you just didn’t upload the video in the high quality. That’s why it is also not appearing as one. You may check the settings of your camera or screen recorder and make sure the HD version is turned on.

3. Internet Connection

If the above two didn’t solve your problem, then you should check your internet connection. Maybe your internet connection isn’t working fine, or it’s not keeping up with the quality you are trying to play. In either way, reconnecting with your internet or changing it will solve this problem. Read AlsoWhy Does YouTube Keep Pausing


When we watch a YouTube video, we prefer to watch it in the highest quality possible. The same should be for when we upload ones. This article will help you in understanding why you get low video quality after upload and how you can fix this. Try these tricks and let us know which one did the job for you.

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