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We are a US-based Social Media Marketing Firm helping people to grow their social presence for the past 8 years. We have helped several individuals and businesses to get onto social media and spread their word around the globe. Through our extensive experience, we have developed marketing strategies and game plans to help our customers get the fame and audience they deserve. Our goal is to deliver you the results you want while keeping in mind your ease and bank balance.


In this era of technology, nothing is impossible. Now Everyone can create a social media account or channel easily. But not everyone can get the results they want. Getting fame and recognition on social media is more difficult now than ever. This is the part where we come in.

After working for quite a long time in the social media marketing industry, we concluded that not everybody can excel here.
In this era of competition, it’s hard for individuals and businesses to get started on social media. That’s why we researched and tested different strategies until we found what’s working and what’s not.

We developed a working process keeping in mind user experience and affordability. We are glad to say, we can derive you the results you are striving for.

Our Vision

We believe that every person should get the audience they deserve. At siXerr, that’s what we do. We give people a chance of getting fame and becoming an online sensation through our proven marketing strategies and techniques. Our sole purpose is to deliver you the results you strive for but didn’t get due to the cut-throat competition. Long gone are the days when making an account and sharing it with your friends would do the job. Now, if you even get everything up to par, there is no guarantee that you’ll get the results or even close to the results you were expecting. If you want to go viral and become a social media sensation, you need to devise a proper strategy. This is where we help you. Through our research, we have developed marketing and advertising strategies to help our customers get in front of a bigger audience and get viral.

8+ years

We have helped individuals and brands to grow with our 8+ years experience.

3M audience

We have delivered over 3M audience so far and counting.

8M revenue

Our promotions have added over 8M in revenue to customers we worked with.

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