where to find Instagram clipboard

How to Find Instagram Clipboard

We all share different stuff on Instagram. Be it our own content or content from other users/accounts. While sharing your content is easy, Instagram doesn’t allow sharing or reposting others’ content on your profile. Sure, there is the option of downloading and then reuploading. But it takes so much time and also takes the fun out of it. This is where the clipboard comes in. You can use it to copy other people’s content and share it on your profile. Beware: this also doesn’t let you repost images or videos. It just solves the problem partially and allow you to copy text from other sources. Now, with that out of the way, let’s see how you can access clipboard on Instagram.

Where to Find Clipboard on Instagram

First of all, Instagram doesn’t have its own clipboard. A clipboard is a virtual memory in your phone where the things you copy are stored temporarily. This feature allows you to copy something from one place and paste it into another. There are two ways you can do so. One is by posting an image, and the second is by going into the comments section.

Through Posts

You can see the content copied in your clipboard on Instagram by following these steps.
  1. Open the Instagram app and click on the ‘+’ icon.
  2. Choose any image for the gallery and press ‘Next.’
  3. Now, press next again and press on the ‘Write a caption…’ section for a bit.
  4. Click on ‘Paste.’
Now, you’ll be able to see whatever was on your clipboard in the caption section of your post.

Through Comments

This is an easier way of finding the clipboard, and it also takes less time. Here’s what you need to do.
  1. Go to comments on any post on Instagram.
  2. Click on comments and press for a bit.
  3. Press the paste option from the list.
Now, whatever was on your clipboard will be in your comment. You can use this feature to post a quote, saying or Read AlsoEmbed a YouTube Video in PowerPoint

Bottom Line

There is no such thing as an Instagram clipboard. Rather it is a built-in function on your phone. That is why there is no direct way to view clipboard on Instagram. However, this article contains two workarounds that help you see what was copied on your clipboard while staying in the Instagram app.

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