What Does Bump Mean on Facebook

What Does Bump Mean on Facebook

How many times did it occur to you that you opened a Facebook post comment section and bumped into lots of bumps? Many times right? Every now and then, we open the comment section and it’s bombarded with this word. Either the person posting it does it himself or ask others to do so. Nonetheless, it makes the thread bulky & annoying for others. So, let’s find out what does Bump mean on Facebook and how does it work if it does.

What Does Bump Mean on Facebook

Bring up my post
A Facebook thread about bump
The simple answer: BUMP stands for Bring Up My Post. The OP(original poster) comment it or ask others to comment under their posts to boost the exposure of their posts. If you may know, Facebook promotes the content that is engaging and interacting. So, by commenting, again and again, people tell Facebook that the content they have posted is engaging. Facebook then boost their posts and suggest it to more users, providing them with additional exposure. You would have seen this mostly in Facebook groups and Facebook marketplace. People want their content, product, or services to reach more people. That’s why they bump their posts and ask other people to do it as well.

Bump Doesn’t Mean This

People often confuse bump with ‘.’ or ‘follow’. The truth is that both are two different things and have different purposes in the Facebook world. . or follow is used to enable the notifications for the post you want to follow. So, whenever someone will comment on that post, you’ll also get a notification about it. But this is a disliked way and there is a Facebook feature that you can use for doing this. Click on the downward arrow on the post and click on ‘Turn on notifications for this post.’ This will let you get notification whenever there is a new comment on the post. And, the best thing, nobody will ever know that you were ever there.
Turn on notifications for this post
A Facebook feature to use instead of bump
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Bump happens to be just an expression used to boost the popularity of posts. Every second, thousands of things are posted on Facebook. That’s why people comment this under their post making sure their post doesn’t get lost under the pile of other posts.

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