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7 Actionable Tips to Get More Views on YouTube [Quick]

Want to get more views on YouTube, well then this is the right guide for you! With over 5 billion videos being watched every day, it’s no doubt that Youtube is the best video-sharing website out there. You can make a video of yourself or your business and share it with the whole world. Although YouTube is an excellent platform to grow, it’s also a hard one. It takes time and hard work to start getting results from YouTube. That’s why we have compiled a list of five actionable tips that will help you to get more views on YouTube and make you a successful YouTuber. Let’s dive right in!

1. Start From Basics

To get to advance, we need to get the basics right first. These fundamentals play a crucial role in the overall performance of your channel. Here’s what you need to do to set the fundamentals of your channel.
  • Visual identity – Design a professional channel icon, YouTube channel art, etc.
  • The About section – Write a detailed and informative description here.
  • The contact information – Mention correct information here so fans and brands can reach out to you.
Now that your basics are all set let’s move to the next step.

2. Do YouTube SEO

Apart from being a video sharing site, YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world. You should not only upload your content but optimize it for the search engine too. When you optimize your videos, you rank high in the search results and get more views. Here are some necessary steps you can perform to optimize your videos for search engine results.
  • Add your targeted keyword in your title and description.
  • Add your targeted keyword and its synonyms in the tag.
  • Optimize your videos for audience retention (More on this later).
Sounds technical? Well, you can use SEO extensions like Vidiq to make this process easier. Rest assured, an SEO optimized video gets more views than the one that isn’t. Now that your basics are set, and you have done the SEO, let’s see the magic of thumbnails.

3. Design Compelling Thumbnails

Thumbnail is probably the first thing a viewer sees before even clicking on your video. You should make compelling thumbnails which users cannot resist to click. No, by compelling, we don’t mean clickbait thumbnails. You can be truthful and still create attractive and informative thumbnails. To get an idea, see your competitors and use tools like Canva to design good looking thumbnails.

4. Write Engaging Titles

Your video titles are also one of the first things users see before clicking. So you need them to be as engaging as possible. You can do so by adding these things in your titles.
  • Numbers relevant to your topic (7 Actionable Tips to Get More Views on YouTube)
  • Add a bracket in your title (7 Actionable Tips to Get More Views on YouTube [Quick and Easy])
  • Don’t make it longer than 40 to 60 characters. Keep it short and concise.
These are some small additions you can make to increase the click-through rate of titles. When your CTR rates will increase, your videos will get more views and get more recommended too.

5. Use YouTube Cards

Cards are clickable video suggestions that appear in between of your videos. YouTube cards are the best way to redirect your audience to your other content and keep them retained. If you have fewer views but still managed to keep them intact, then you have succeeded in the game.  You can use cards to redirect viewers to your relevant content that provides them with more information or entertainment.

6. Keep Viewers Hooked with End Screens

The end screen is the last part of your videos. Optimize it the best you can because it’s the last thing user sees in your video. You can add things like your contact information, website address, or even better links to other videos. End screens are the best way to retain your audience and keep them hooked to your own content. When your audience keeps intact with your content, not only you get more views, but it also helps in ranking high in search results.

7. Cross-Promote Your Videos

We know it can be hard to get views on YouTube sometimes, but what about other platforms? Share your YouTube videos on different platforms and get the double amount of views you would have obtained otherwise. When you cross-promote your video, you not only get views on your YouTube views but also engage your audience on those platforms. A win-win for you.

Your Turn

Now that you know some actionable tips, it’s your turn to implement them and get some good results. Let us know if these tips were helpful for you or if you got results from them. Have any questions? Comment down below and we would be more than happy to help.

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