Why Does YouTube Keep Pausing

Why Does YouTube Keep Pausing

When it comes to our daily life tasks, we all may need a break. But when it’s about YouTube, breaks or someone would call them pauses are considered annoying. There’s nothing more that gets on your nerves than a YouTube video keeps pausing. This constant pausing keeps you from having a good time and enjoying. If you are also wondering why does YouTube keep pausing and how you can fix it, this is the guide for you. Let’s dive right in!

Why Does YouTube Keep Pausing

YouTube Videos could be pausing automatically for many reasons. It could be that your internet connection is failing to support or maybe your browser is conflicting. Sometimes, the problem is with YouTube itself. YouTube is a giant website that has many servers. So, you can expect some kind of downtime, sometimes.

How to Fix this

Look: the problem with these kinds of problems is that there is no specific thing that can cause them. So, we have to look at each possibility and start troubleshooting with that.

1. Internet Connection

First of all, check your internet connection. It could be possible that your internet connection is not working fine. Check other apps and see if they work fine. If they do, then maybe your internet isn’t strong enough to keep up with the quality of your video.

2. Browser

If your videos are still pausing, then maybe your browser is at fault. Try restarting your browser and trying YouTube again. You can also try another browser to make sure it isn’t the browser that isn’t causing this problem.

3. YouTube Servers

Maybe the problem isn’t at your side but YouTube’s. Yes, YouTube is a large website and need countless servers to operate. It is also a possibility that something is wrong with YouTube servers. There is no solution to this rather than just waiting this out. Read AlsoWhy Does YouTube Keep Pausing

Bottom Line

We play different videos on YouTube to hang out with our friends or blow off some steam in the alone. The constant pausing is what keeps us from having that experience. This guide will help you in understanding this problem and solving it.

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