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With over 200 million monthly active users, SoundCloud is the platform you don’t want to miss if you are a singer or vocal artist. This platform can take you from an unknown artist to a well-known one if you have a good profile there. And, yeah, making a good profile there is the hardest part. Because the saturation on SoundCloud has made promoting your songs harder than ever. But don’t you worry, SiXerr has got you covered through our SoundCloud marketing and promotion packages. We will promote your SoundCloud profile and bring you the audience you deserve.
Our techniques and tactics are organic and we always deliver safe and secure results.

What is SoundCloud Marketing

SoundCloud marketing is the fast and furious way of boosting your presence and building a sturdy profile on SoundCloud. Through this service, you get the results you want on without working or waiting for a long time. You will not have to try and test different strategies or understand the algorithm. Instead, we have already done it for you.
This is why we can drive you the figures you want by promoting your profile while complying with the TOS of SoundCloud.

Buy SoundCloud Marketing!

If you want high-quality results in a short period, then buying SoundCloud promotion is the best way possible.
Our SoundCloud promotion service will not only save your time and energy but money too.
Yes, a good profile on SoundCloud helps you in reaping several benefits. And one of them is generating more revenue. So the investment you’ll make by buying SoundCloud promotion will be back in your pocket before you know.

Buy SoundCloud Plays

If your music/songs aren’t getting the attention they deserve, then you can buy SoundCloud plays and get them viral. No doubt, the competition on this platform has increased in recent times. And that’s why even if you produce good art, it’ll still be hard to reach the audience you deserve. This is where SiXerr comes in. We will help you in getting your songs heard and make them go viral. With our promotion, you’ll reach the milestone you wish, organically and quickly.

Buy SoundCloud Followers

Needless to say, SoundCloud followers are of immense value in your SoundCloud career. They listen to your songs, like it, and share them if they want. With our promotion, getting followers is easier now more than ever. You just tell us the numbers you want, and we will be happy to deliver. We use 100% organic and safe strategies to bring you a real and relevant following on your account. These followers will not only be for the sake of showoff. Instead, they’ll like, comment, and share your content, giving you the best results possible.

Buy SoundCloud Likes

Yes, you can even buy SoundCloud likes and pave your way to virality and success. Likes are not just some numbers on your songs. In fact, they play a vital role in the performance of your songs. When you get likes on your songs, your chances of going viral and gaining more audience on SoundCloud increases. This is what SiXerr will help you do. We will promote your videos and bring you real and relevant likes on your music/songs.

Buy SoundCloud Comments

Just like likes, comments are also a crucial part of the SoundCloud algorithm. See, when more people comment on your content, your content is conceived as engaging and interactive. And SoundCloud automatically suggests it more based on this factor. We will put your content in front of a real and relevant audience that’ll listen to it and comment on it if they wish. This way, you’ll not only gain tons of organic comments but also plays and most likely some likes as well. Win-win, right?

Buy SoundCloud Downloads

We also offer downloads too in our SoundCloud promotion packages. If you want your songs to be downloaded multiple times and heard in a loop, then this is just the service for you. The number of downloads on your songs increases the credibility of it. People find it interesting and always click out of curiosity. We will deliver you downloads through our organic strategies and make your songs credible and authoritative on the platform.

Buy SoundCloud Reposts

In the SoundCloud world, sharing is known as reposts. When someone reposts your content, it is then shown to their friends and followers. Reposts give you a massive boost in your audience. The more reposts you get on your songs, the more exposure you’ll get. And, yes, like other services, you can buy reposts also. We will put your content in front of the interested audience and keep doing so until you reach the number of reposts you ordered. This way, you’ll gain not only reposts but also tons of plays, likes, comments, and downloads as well. Again win-win, right?

How to Buy SoundCloud Marketing

Here’s how you can buy SoundCloud marketing and take your profile to the next level.
  1. Go to and hover over “More Services” in the top menu.
  2. Select “SoundCloud Marketing” and select the package you want to buy.
  3. Click “Add to Cart,” then proceed to checkout.
  4. Enter your information and click “Place Order.”
Now, you handle the content part, and we will handle the marketing one to achieve the figures you want.

Your Turn

SoundCloud is an excellent platform when it comes to music streaming and sharing. It has made uploading and sharing music/songs easy. But the same can’t be said about marketing your content and getting an audience to listen to it. With the cut-throat competition right now, traditional ways of marketing don’t work anymore. But don’t worry, we will help you in marketing and promoting your SoundCloud profile and songs through our ten years of experience in social media marketing. Place your order and get ready to see your profile/account taking a new look in no time. Don’t believe us? Order now and see for yourself!


Here are some frequently asked questions.

How will SoundCloud marketing help me?

SoundCloud marketing will help you build a sturdy profile on SoundCloud and stand out from the rest of the users. It’ll help you gain followers, plays, likes, and every other thing required to become a well-known artist.

Can I get banned for buying this service?

No, our marketing is by the book and the safest marketing service on the Internet. We promote your account legally and as per the TOS of SoundCloud. So, there is no chance of any ban or limit on your account.

Will I get real users at my SoundCloud account?

Yes, as our strategies are organic and legit, the results you receive are real and relevant. You get nothing benefits from our promotion service.

How long will it take to deliver my order?

Our techniques and tactics yield results quickly without compromising the quality. You’ll start your number rising up after 24 to 48hrs of placing the order.

Do I have to provide my accounts login for this?

No, we don’t need that information. Provide us with your profile/song URL, and we will be all set to deliver.

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SiXerr went above and beyond in delivering my order and provided more plays than I ordered. Recommended!
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This is a priceless service if you want to take your SoundCloud profile to the next level. Best service on the Internet.
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They did an awesome job! I am more than happy and will come back in the nearest future, thanks!