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Buy YouTube Watch Hours to Enable YouTube Monetization

Watch hours or time is the amount of time users stay on your videos. In other words, it’s the audience retention rate, meaning how long you retain the users on your videos. Let’s say you have a video of 10 minutes on your channel. If 12 users view that video for 5 minutes each, then your watch time would be one hour. YouTube’s new monetization policy requires you to have 4000 Watch Hours and 1000 Subscribers to start showing ads on your videos.
While that is a hard milestone for beginners, it sure opens a plethora of opportunities for them as well.
As a beginner YouTuber, your monetization gets enabled, and you start to make revenue. Some marketing experts even conclude watch time as a ranking factor on YouTube while others think of it as a requirement to fulfill. So, the more you have it, the more revenue you’ll earn and also attain good rankings on YouTube. It’s a win-win for you.

Enable YouTube Monetization

According to the new YouTube monetization policy, you need to have 4000 Watch Hours and 1000 Subscribers to show ads on your channel. Without these numbers, you won’t be able to show ads on your videos and won’t earn any revenue. Watch time helps you attain policy approval first. And helps you earn more and more after acquiring permission.

Better SEO and Rankings

While some argue on this but most agree that watch hour is one of YouTube’s ranking factors. This means YouTube also ranks video based on this factor. The more watch hours you have on your videos, the better they are going to rank. It’s simple science. Users stay on those videos that they like. And YouTube promotes the videos that users like. This concept is the same as that of the bounce rate in Google. As long as the users stay on your website, Google gets positive signals and rank you higher and higher.
More audience retention rate = Better YouTube SEO and Rankings.

More YouTube Recommendations

When you have a reasonable audience retention rate(as the YouTube dashboard says), your videos get recommended more and more. So, this metric not only gives you monetization approval, but you end up getting high numbers of YouTube views and likes as well. Isn’t a win-win situation for you?

How Does it Work?

SiXerr market and advertise your channel to a network of vast and legit audiences. When you Buy YouTube Watch hours from us, you don’t have to wait months for the results to show. As we have already suffered our share, we don’t let that happen to you. We work on your behalf and drive the numbers you desire. Our battle-tested and proven strategies would help you gain this metric on your channel and become a brand. We only use white hat strategies. So you can expect the results to be ever-lasting. Our work won’t land you in any penalty or strike.
Our service is the best one out there to achieve results and grow your channel like never before.

Real and Relevant Watch hours

We provide you with 100% safe and secure views. Our advertising and marketing techniques are in-compliance with YouTube’s TOS. We do not use a bot or other shady methods that can get you banned on YouTube. You’ll receive real, raw, and relevant results on your every order with us.

Quick Delivery

We start working on your order as soon as you place it. Orders are usually delivered within 24 to 48 hrs. However, if it’s a big one, our team will contact you and give you the expected time and date. This is another reason our customers love us, and you’ll too when you’ll purchase YouTube watch time from us.

Safe and Secure Results

We drive 100% safe and secure results. Our provided watch time is 100% real and organic. It also doesn’t drop over time, unlike other providers. Our work is ever-lasting and speaks for itself.

Free Refill on Every Order

Oh, did we tell you about our refill policy? Well, there is another good news for you. SiXerr offers Free Refill on every order. Now, you don’t have to pay extra for refills. We offer free refills to our new as well as recurring customers.

Money-Back Guarantee

We offer a 30-days money-back guarantee. In case you don’t like the results you received, you can ask for your money back. We will ask no question and return your money to you. Let us know if you find a better deal than this anywhere else.

How to Buy YouTube Watch Hours

Ready to get your watch hours increased? Here’s how you can do so.
  • Go to and navigate to YouTube > Buy YouTube Watch Hours.
  • Choose the quantity and press the Add To Cart button.
  • Enter your information and place your order.

Your Turn to Earn!

YouTube Watch hours not only enable monetization but also help you to rank better and drive great results. As it’s not easy for a beginner to get these much watch hours, that’s why SiXerr is here to help you. We would assist you exclusively in acquiring this metric. When you buy from SiXerr, you’ll get real and relevant watch time on your videos, that too within a short duration. Just choose any of the above packages and place your order. We will do the hard work on your behalf and drive you the results you want.


Here are some frequently asked questions.

What is Watch hours/Watch time?

Watch hours or watch time is the total amount of time that viewers spend on your videos. This metric was introduced in October 2012.

How much watch time is required to enable monetization?

YouTube’s new policy requires you to have 4000 watch time and 1000 subscribers on your channel to enable monetization. After this milestone, you can show ads on your videos.

Will YouTube enable my monetization after this?

Yes, after you receive 4000 watch hours on your video and 1000 subscribers on your channel, YouTube will review your channel. If it’s all good, then YouTube will enable the monetization.

Can I watch my own YouTube video to get 4000 watch hours?

Your watch hours would increase this way. But YouTube would easily detect your IP and will not count it. So, it’s not the best strategy to gain free watch hours.

Customer Reviews

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Anna Davies
Sixerr rating
Got Approval after a week. I was hesitant at first because of the fake watch hours providers, but SiXerr took me in trust, and they amazed me after just a week. HIGHLY Recommended!!!
Drew Magary
Sixerr rating
I don’t know how they do this, but it’s amazing. They delivered the watch hours as promised. My monetization got enabled, and ads started showing quickly.
Gregg Gonsalves
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Great work could not be happier. I’ll be coming back for more for sure! Very professional and helpful. Watch hours increased substantially!