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We are so confident in our Services that we offer a 30 day money back guarantee if you are unhappy with our services.

Buy TikTok Likes to Increase Reach

TikTok is a China-based video-sharing social networking app. You can use it to create or watch short dance, lip-sync, comedy videos. The app has more than 800 million active users and over 1.5 billion downloads on the App Store and Google Play. These numbers prove that TikTok is not just another social media app. Rather it has made a place of its own and is not going anywhere in the distinct future. If you are popular there, you can level up your game and spread your talent or business around the globe.
Whether you are a businessman or a teenager, TikTok provides you a great opportunity.
Being popular on TikTok isn’t just about having views and a massive following. But an audience that interacts with you, such as like and comment on your videos. If you have massive viewership but not likes and comments, then it’s all in vain. You can either buy TikTok likes or get free by spending time and energy. Let’s weigh both options.

Get Free TikTok Likes

As stated above, you can get do this either by working hard or working smart. If you want to work hard and spend your precious time, then here are some things you can do to get free likes. You should upload funcompelling, and crazy videos on your account. You can use hashtags and trending topics to make your video viral and bring more engagement. Also, share your TikTok videos on FacebookInstagram, or YouTube to receive the maximum exposure. If you know some famous TikTokers, then request them for shoutouts. You will quickly notice many views and interaction on your videos by doing this. These things work and can get you famous. But, to be honest, they take time before you start to see results.
Time is money and money can buy you likes.
Yes, You read it right, you can also increase them by simply purchasing our promotion and marketing package. This is your way around the hard work and wait of months and months for the results to show. You can buy them and become famous overnight.

Buy TikTok Likes

You might be wondering whether buying likes is possible or not. Well, sure it is. Many of your favorite Tiktokers are buying at least. Because let’s be honest, getting engagement by the book isn’t easy, especially for new TikTokers. It’s not easy for a beginner to create a fanbase without assistance because of the cut-throat competition in this era. You should buy Likes to receive the desired results in less time and zero struggle. There are tons of websites out there providing these services. There are many websites which are providing fake Likes. Every website isn’t legit when looking for real engagement so you should be careful in that regard. But every problem has a solution. Right?
Here at SiXerr, We provide 100% real and organic likes while following the Terms & Conditions of all the platforms.
We do not use bots and shady campaigns which you should know can result in suspension too. SiXerr is in the Social Media Marketing industry for the past ten years and has been helping people like you to expand their business.

Pros and Cons

If you want to earn fame, money, and recognition, then TikTok is the right platform for you. You can build a fortune if you become a famous TikToker, but for that, you need to have good numbers on your account.
If you want more reach on videos when you upload then you should get more likes.
It can be hard for beginners to gain likes because of the dog eat dog competition out there and that too increasing day by day. That’s why it is smart to consider buying cheap Likes to grow your account fast. Beware of the scammers providing Likes because they can get your account suspended because they provide fake likes.
At SiXerr, We make sure to follow Terms & Services of all platforms while providing you the service you need.
Our work is legit and by the rules book.

The More the Merrier

If you are considering buying Likes, then you should know there is no specific number of Likes you need to make it there. The more Likes, the better it is for your channel. How much is too much?
Well you know, the more the merrier.
If you are buying Likes, then make sure they are real even if they are less. Make sure they are not some fake bots or shady panels set up. Prefer quality over quantity. That’s what we do at SiXerr. We promote your channel organically and give you the Likes you deserve. Our provided Likes are safe and according to your needs. If you want an idea, then you should analyze your competitors and observe where you stand in competition with them. They might have thousands of likes, but you can start by buying a smaller number and than working your way up there.

Where to buy?

Buy TikTok likes from a service that does not use bots and panels as they can get you banned. There are a ton of websites out there screaming to sell their services to you. So, you should be cautious while buying any service because some will take your money and will get your account suspended too.
On the contrary, SiXerr provides 100% real and organic Likes with a money-back guarantee and grow your account like never.
Some sellers provide Likes at a cheap rate, but the catch is that the likes count drops after some time. You shouldn’t be buying these types of services ever as they are fake TikTok Likes and do not add any value to your account. On the contrary, they can get you banned from the platform for good.
SiXerr offers a non-drop TikTok likes service with a money-back guarantee.

Why Choose SiXerr

SiXerr has been helping users to grow their social media account from the past ten years. Through our proven marketing strategies and techniques, we derive the results our customers want. We provide 100% real and organic likes while complying with Term of Services of the platform.
Our provided likes are safe and secure and will not get you banned from the platform.
Moreover, the likes are non-drop, which means you receive what you order, and it stays there forever. We also provide a refill just in case if you need one. We also offer a money-back guarantee on top of all this, so you can get your money back if you didn’t get what you were hoping.

How to buy TikTok Likes

It is as easy as 123 to buy Likes. Just follow the below steps to get started.
  • Go to and Navigate over to Shop > TikTok Marketing >TikTok Likes.
  • The Likes Packages will appear on your screen.
  • Click on the Add To Cart button and Proceed to checkout.
  • Fill in your information and place your order.
Stay safe and see your likes increasing.

Your Turn

Tiktok is a large platform with millions of active users. You can engage more and more audience to your videos. All you need to do is hit the order button to buy the Likes. Our likes service is the most beneficial way to grow your account. This investment can take your success to the next level. Don’t take our word for it. Try it for yourself.


Here are some frequently asked questions.

Will I have to give my Account Password For This?

No, you don’t have to provide us anything except your id. We would suggest you be careful in this regard as you can lose your account if you provide someone with your account credentials.

How much time do you take to Deliver?

We start working on your order as soon as you place it. You’ll see the results in 24-48hrs.

Can I become an Influencer by using your Service?

It takes an immense amount of interaction to become an influencer. If you buy that much, then you can surely become an Influencer as we provide you with real and relevant likes to your account.

Is your promotion service safe?

Yes, our promotion service is 100% safe and secure. Our services comply with the TOS of the platform. So you’ll be safe with us.

Will my account get banned for this?

No, it will not get banned. We use 100% safe and secure marketing strategies and techniques to advertise your account to the TikTok audience. Our procedures are according to the TOS of the platform.

Can I purchase your packages multiple times?

Yes, why not. You can purchase TikTok likes as many times as you want.

Will I become Featured by using your Service?

Becoming featured in TikTok is hard, but if you buy likes from us, then you have a chance at becoming featured. Through our strategies and techniques, we put you in front of a massive relevant audience, which increases your chance of getting featured.

Customer Reviews

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Robert Roy
Sixerr rating
I wasn’t sure at first but took a leap of faith and thank God I did. My Likes are doubled now and are increasing ever since I bought this
Umair Haque
Sixerr rating
They delivered the likes before the duration even completed and to my surprise it was all real and relevant. I have ordered for the second time now.
Rob Walker
Sixerr rating
I tried many services prior to SiXerr but they all failed to deliver. SiXerr was a game changer for us. Will use these guys again.