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We are so confident in our Services that we offer a 30 day money back guarantee if you are unhappy with our services.

Buy Spotify Plays to Kick-Start Your Spotify Career

With over 286 monthly active users, it’s evident that Spotify is one of the best music streaming platforms out there to put your music on. You can use this platform and spread your voice around the globe. Spotify would help you go from an unknown person to a well-reputed singer or artist in a quick time. It sounds too good to be true, but it’s possible if you have a moderate amount of plays on your songs.
Obviously, the more people would listen to your songs, the more audience you’ll gain and end up growing further.
SiXerr will assist you in gaining plays on your Spotify songs. We will promote and advertise your songs to the real and relevant audience and derive you the results you want.

Wide Exposure!

Buying Spotify Plays will help you in getting a broad exposure. You’ll be heard by a larger audience when you’ll have more plays on your songs. This also builds social proof among users. People tend to watch videos with more play as they think of it as impressive. So plays will benefit you in the long term as well.

Increase in Revenue!

When you gain plays on your Spotify song, you also gain revenue in the form of royalties on Spotify. Yes, not only do numbers on your songs increase but you also get some money out of it.

Grow Your Following!

The best thing about getting plays on your songs is that some listeners end up following your Spotify account as well. Great, isn’t it? You gain new listeners and also some followers who will now listen to your newly published songs without even promoting more.

How Does This Work?

We put your content in front of 100% real and breathing Spotify users. These users then see your content and engage & interact with your content as they wish.
We don’t use bots or other shady methods that can get you banned.
This is why not only do you get the plays you ordered, but also other metrics on your songs increase like playlist followers and royalties.

SiXerr is the Best!!!

SiXerr has been doing social media marketing for its customer for over ten years and has a record of providing the best service. Through the practice and execution of different strategies and techniques, we have crafted our working methods.
Our methods and techniques allow us to deliver better than our competitors.
We are known for driving 100% organic and real results through our own tested and working strategies that too at affordable rates.

Quick Delivery

We value your time and know-how precious is it. That’s why we deliver your order as soon as possible. We start working on your order as soon as you place it. Most of the orders are delivered in 24 to 48 hours. However, if you place a custom order, then our team will email you the expected time frame.

Real and Relevant

When you order from us, you receive 100% real and relevant plays. We do not use bots or other shady methods. We market and advertise your account and bring you organic and legit results. This is the reason our clients return to us again and again, and you would too.

Safe and Secure Results

We at SiXerr use 100% organic and manual strategies to market and promote your account. There is no bot or any panel involved. This is why the results we generate are totally safe and secure. You will not get banned for using our service as it’s 100% in compliance with the TOS of Spotify.

Free Refill on Every Order

Your satisfaction matters to us. And to make sure you are satisfied, we always deliver more than what is promised in the package. When you order plays from us, you get some extra plays as well. It’s not the amount you order but always something more as a token of appreciation.

Seven days Money-Back Guarantee

Not convinced yet? Don’t worry. We have another card up our sleeve that’ll surely convince you. With SiXerr, there is no chance of things getting sideways. It’s because we offer a seven days money-back guarantee on every service you order from us. You can get your money back if you don’t receive the service as described.

How to Buy Spotify Plays

Ready to get some listeners on your songs? Let’s see how.
  • Go to and hover over “Premium Services” and click “Buy Spotify Plays.”
  • Select quantity and target country and press “Add to Cart.”
  • Now, Proceed to checkout.
  • Fill in your information and place your order.
Now sit back and relax and let us do the rest of the job.

Your Turn to Go Viral!

Spotify is an excellent platform to spread your voice around the world, literally. It can help you from an unknown to become a well-known singer or artist. You have to have a good number of listeners there who will listen to your songs and help you on this journey. We know it’s hard to get plays on Spotify, but don’t you worry, SiXerr will assist you in it. We will promote your songs organically and drive you the results you want. Just choose any of the above packages and place your order. We will do the hard work on your behalf and drive you the results you want.


Here are some frequently asked questions.

Is it illegal to buy plays on Spotify?

If you buy original and organic promotion, then it’s not illegal. Here at SiXerr, we promote your songs organically and by the book. Our advertising is safe and according to the TOS of Spotify.

Will I get banned for this?

No, you will not get banned for this. Our promotion is safe and according to the TOS of Spotify. We can’t say the same for the others, but there is no chance of getting banned when using our service.

Are these plays temporary?

No, not at all. These plays will stick to your channel like glue. Our promotion is organic and genuine, and that’s why the results are the same too. There are no bots involved, so whatever you receive is permanent.

Customer Reviews

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William Fisher
Sixerr rating
Thanks for a fantastic promotion. This is one of the best services on the internet. I will use it again. Highly recommended
Violet Willis
Sixerr rating
As an Indie artist and producer, I really appreciate the prompt service and the ability to promote on platforms like Spotify. Highly recommended, and I’ll see you soon with another track.
Gene Marin
Sixerr rating
Absolute professional, informing and communicating all steps in the campaign and as described in the gig. I Will purchase again.